What we do?
• mailboxes • CATV casings • gas boxes • first aid kits • safety cages •• mechanisms • roller sets • angles and other elements • elevator buckets •• turned elements • buckets • angles and other elements • elements on customer's request •• car bodies • panels fencing • CNC plasma cutting services •
Few words about our company
„Sjanmar`` Civil Partnership was founded in the early 80's. At the moment, the owner of the company is Mark Stasik. The company is undertaking a wide range of services in the metal industry. In the initial phase, the company was engaged in the manufacture of products intended for export to Germany and Denmark. Currently we are dealing with a complex production of mailboxes, metal enclosures for cable television and the Internet, and gas boxes. We also undertake the production of other metal products for individual orders of our customers.
Our products
Our partners
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